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So I was pretty hungry the other day, and decided to order myself a pizza. The guy said it would be about 45 mins, and while I was waiting I started thinking about how awesome it would be to get him to let me suck his cock in exchange for a pizza. I was a little nervous, but I thought what the hell, it will be fun! So I set up some lights, grabbed the camera and put it on a tripod near the front door. Once he arrived, I asked him to come inside real quick while I get my wallet. I wasn't sure what I was going to say to get him to let me blow him, and I was still a little nervous, but because I kept thinking about sucking his cock, I was feeling pretty horny by that time!! Luckily, their credit card machine was broken, so I told him I didn't have any cash. He got kind of mad and asked how I was going to pay for the pizza. About that time he noticed the lights and camera setup, and asked what the heck was going on! Well, I guess you'll have to see the whole video to find out what happened after that, but lets just say, I ended up getting my pizza ;) And a nice sticky little treat to go with it!   I have made a few "virtual videos" in the past, and it seems like you all really enjoy them. I have lots of fun making these types of videos too, and since I haven't had any anal sex in a while, I would combine the two and make one HOT video for you! I started out rubbing my pussy, and teasing my tight ass with one of my toys, and end up getting a load of hot cum shot into my ass. It felt soooo good!! I love getting fucked in the ass, and I think you will be able to tell just how much I like it once you see this video!!!
Blowing the Pizza Delivery Guy
Virtual Anal Fuck

I never considered starting a website based on all of my sexual adventures... until I met my friend Chase. He has been a web designer for several years, and is the one who kind of turned me onto the idea. I have always been very sexual, and have always loved the thought of being watched by others...I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur that way....hehe!! So when he suggested we do a website showcasing all of my naughty little adventures....I was all for it! Get fucked, and be watched by others??? Sounds like the perfect "job" for me! I get so turned on just knowing that you will be getting off by watching me do the same. I am very into my site, and like keeping it sexy and interesting for my guys. I answer all of my member's emails...and yes, it's really me writing them..lol. Chat with you soon....


So my HOT friend Amy came over to have a sleepover the other night. Of course anytime one of my girlfriends comes over we always manage to get naked and naughty with each other! We put on our matching PJs, set up the video camera in the bedroom, and decided to give you guys a little sneak peek at what my sleepovers are really like! We started by stripping each others clothes off, kissing and rubbing all over each others tits and pussies. Then I grabbed one of my vibrators and Amy took it and started teasing my pussy with it. Which of course lead to her banging my tight wet pussy with it until I came hard! It felt so good, I wanted more, so I got on top of her and started rubbing and teasing her perfect little pussy. Well thats where we decided to REALLY tease you guys and stop the camera...guess you'll have to stay tuned for the next time Amy visits to watch me get HER off! In the meantime, enjoy this video for some hot girl-on-girl action!   I have always had this fantasy to do it in a mall dressing room. Okay, truthfully I have LOTS of fantasies to do it in LOTS of public places. So I decided my recent shopping trip was the perfect time to check this one off my list of "places to have sex". I hid the video camera inside my purse and headed into one of my favorite stores. I browsed around for a bit, and picked out some cute stuff to try on, then I headed back into the dressing room. Chase was hanging around, and I told him to cum inside the room and fuck me! There were tons of people all around us, trying on clothes, and walking right by our door. We had to be really quiet and careful not to moan or bang around too much. I dont know if it was the thrill of being caught, but it felt REALLY good! So good, that he came in like 4 mins flat! But, I wanted him to shoot his load all over me, rather than in me, which caused a problem because I had nothing to wipe it off with when he was done! So, I just put my panties back on, pulled up my pants, and we walked out of the dressing room with huge smiles on our faces. And we caught it all on video, just for you! - HALEY WILD
Amy and Haley have a sleepover ;)
My trip to the mall

My favorite thing to do is have anal sex! haha.. kidding, well kind of kidding. Anyway, I like hanging out with girlfriends, traveling, cooking, photography, shopping...typical girl stuff! Favorite sex position...I don't have a favorite, I like them all. But taking it in the ass is pretty high up the list...lol. I love tattoos, I think they are really sexy, I have a few. I like chatting with my members, adding to my site, getting all dolled up and taking sexy pictures. Oh and of course... I love sharing all my sexual fantasies and experiences with you!!!